10 GIFs That Sum Up #ThatLashLife

As a premier provider of Las Vegas lash extensions, we’re all about #ThatLashLife! That said, we know the lash lifestyle is full of ups and downs – from finding the lash artist of your dreams to surviving between fills to shutting it down at a party with a fresh set. With years of collective experience in the lash game, our team at Cherry Lash Lounge has witnessed all the joys, frustrations and “OMG!” moments that come along with lash extensions.

Check out 10 GIFs we’ve found to sum up #ThatLashLife. Enjoy a laugh, share with your fellow #girlbosses and celebrate your sexy!

Feeling yourself after a set of Las Vegas lash extensions

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When water is determined to ruin your lashes

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Trying to budget for the price of eyelash extensions

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Seeing your haters when your lashes are on point

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Dealing with “Aww, I prefer your natural lashes!”

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When you see your crush coming, but you’re due for a fill

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When your go-to spot for eyelash extensions is open on Sunday

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When someone suggests going back to self-adhesive false eyelashes

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#tfw you catch yourself rubbing your lashes

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When your lash lounge artist is all booked up

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Have you experienced our Las Vegas lash extensions services?

Cherry Lash Lounge features the best technicians in the region, offering designer-quality lashes at an affordable cost. The price of lash extensions varies according to your preferred artistry level – choose from our Master Artists, who have years of experience in the lash game, our Lash Artists, or our newest Lash Apprentices.

First-time visitor? We invite you to come in for a complimentary lash consultation and test, where our Lash Squad will assess the condition of your natural lashes and recommend the best set for you. Cherry Lash Lounge offers 30 unique options to customize your look – including 2 different degrees of curl, 7 different lengths and 3 different thicknesses. Let us recommend a lash look that will preserve the health of your natural lashes while bringing out your inner vixen.

Our lash lounge serves up false eyelashes like you’ve never seen before

We didn’t choose the lash life, the lash life chose us. See what women are saying about Cherry Lash Lounge’s Las Vegas lash extensions – or jump right in by scheduling your FREE consultation at our Henderson or Las Vegas lash lounge locations.

Bring Out Your Inner Flower Child with these Coachella-Inspired Lash Looks!

If you’re a total #bossbabe, you probably scored Coachella tickets months ago! Taking place from April 14-16 and April 21-23, this music and arts festival draws hundreds of people to Indio, California every year. Featuring big-timers like Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and more, this year’s festival is sure to deliver musical magic. Not to mention, it’ll introduce boho-chic style trends we’ll be replicating for months!


Not headed to the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival? No worries! Cherry Lash Lounge, a specialty boutique offering the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, presents three festival-inspired looks to unleash your inner flower child.

Reyna Spring LashStun the public with a soft and curious doe-eyed look

A simple doe look appears soft and natural when executed properly. Inspired by 1960s fashion icon Twiggy, the “doe-eyed” look revolves around three key elements: a light and wispy lash, a neutral shadow and just the right amount of mascara. Apply a white or peach-hued eyeshadow to the majority of the lid, with a darker shade in the crease. Follow with a neutral liner to the water line and black or dark brown on the top lid. Wrap up this look with a conservative amount of mascara – just enough to create space between lashes for a bright-eyed effect.

Looking to pull off this look with false eyelashes in Las Vegas? Cherry Lash Lounge’s Flirty set is perfect for you. The average price for eyelash extensions is between $300 and $600. However, our lash lounge proudly offers designer lash extensions at a reasonable price. Starting at just $59, our Flirty set gives you long, natural-looking lashes that will make your eyes pop – no mascara necessary!

Try a swimmingly sexy mermaid look with the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas has to offer

Sparkle in the sun with a mysterious mermaid look, courtesy of our secret weapon: a stocking! Place the stocking over your lids before covering with any combination of colors – metallic mattes, electric pinks and greens or even an eye-catching mix of silvers and whites. Set off your scale-licious look with semi-dense lash extensions (try our Ravishing set for just $69!). Or, let your bold shadow take center stage with less dramatic lashes, like those included in our Flirty set. This set enhances about 50% of your natural lashes. Trust us when we say they are the best false eyelashes in Las Vegas!

Roxy Cochella BodyBecome a bronze goddess with our false eyelashes in Las Vegas

Festival season makes us want to go all out every now and then. With a little Vaseline, gold glitter and a dense lash, you can tap into your inner Ke$ha (just be sure to leave your bottle of Jack at home!). Make an impression that’s bigger than a bass drop with our Cleopatra set. Our Lash Squad can enhance 90% of your natural lashes to create the fullest possible look for only $199. That’s far better than the average price for eyelash extensions!

Look festival-ready with the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas

Whether you’re jetting to Coachella or just want to look the part, visit Cherry Lash Lounge for the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas. Don’t wait! Kick off festival season with a full set of lush designer lashes, customized to suit your style. Book an appointment at our Henderson or Las Vegas lash lounge locations today!

Create Your Own Lash Fantasy

With so many available options for eyelash extensions, it’s easy to get lash envy. If you’re new to this service, you’ve probably spent plenty of time browsing the eyelash extensions in before and after photos as you search for the best eyelash extensions technician near you. As fun as it is to imagine the possibilities and envy the most dramatic lash looks, it’s important to manage your expectations as a first-time client.

Cherry Lash Lounge presents three tips to help first-timers set realistic lash goals and get the most out of their lash lounge experience.

Don’t compare yourself to the eyelash extensions in before and after photosIMG_4341

Just because a client in a before-and-after photo has a full set of maximum-density eyelashes doesn’t mean that that look will work well for you. Flawless lash looks depend on a number of factors, including eye shape and the strength of your natural lashes. The beauty of eyelash extensions is that there are tons of ways to slay them in a way that works for you! Use client photos as a way to review and evaluate a technician’s work. But, try not to develop a case of lash envy in the process. Instead, discover your own brand of sexy as your lash technician creates a customized lash look that speaks to who you are.

The best eyelash extensions are customized for your style and needs

We don’t use pre-made clusters at our lash lounges, so the possibilities are endless for fullness and density. If you’re new to eyelash extensions, we dare you to set aside your expectations and let your technician craft a look just for you. When you book an appointment with us, you can count on our Lash Squad to evaluate your lash goals, personality and style as we determine the appropriate curve, length and density for you.

Start with a one-on-one lash test and consultation

Each woman is her own brand of sexy, and we’re equipped to bring that out. Cherry Lash Lounge proudly offers consultations and lash tests to assess the condition of your natural eyelashes and pinpoint any potential allergic reactions before your service. By understanding where your lashes are and where you’d love to be, we’ll figure out which of our designer lash looks will best suit you. Each of our Lash Artists is extensively trained and evaluated in leading application techniques, so you can trust that we will help you tap into your inner bombshell as safely and hygienically as possible.


Create your own lash fantasy with Cherry Lash Lounge’s help!

You’re one-of-a-kind, and your eyelashes should reflect that! Let our team at Cherry Lash Lounge help you glow up with expert, customized eyelash extensions that are sure to stun. Get started by booking your complimentary consultation and lash test at our Las Vegas or Henderson lash lounge locations!

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Count on eyelash extensions to take your look from grim to glam. Semi-permanent eyelashes, applied by highly trained technicians, can enhance your natural beauty and help you turn heads like the bombshell you are! However, health should never come second to beauty. It is important to remain mindful of your natural lashes and commit to maintaining their strength and integrity in order to prevent damage.

Only trust your lashes to trained technicians

Improper application of semi-permanent eyelashes is one of the most common causes of damage. Your natural lashes are delicate, and they are safest in the hands of technicians who are trained and certified in proper application techniques. Research the extent of a technician’s training and experience, and ask about the quality of their eyelash glue and other equipment. The best way to protect against damage is to make an informed decision about who performs your service.

Know the difference between normal and abnormal eyelash shedding

Our natural lashes shed all the time, whether they are concealed beneath false eyelashes or not. In fact, we lose about 1 to 4 eyelashes per day on a normal shedding cycle. This is why we recommend clients return to us every three weeks for a fill. An abnormally fast shedding rate may be a sign of damage caused by heavy extensions. Be sure to choose a lash artist who will thoroughly assess the strength of your natural lashes and cluster extensions accordingly for a feather-light application.

Leave eyelash application and removal to the pros!

Eyelash extensions may cause damage to natural lashes if a person does not care for them properly. After application, avoid pulling at your false eyelashes or trying to remove lashes on your own. The worst thing clients can do is neglect their natural wispies while enjoying a set of semi permanent eyelashes. Let an experienced team handle application and removal, so your natural lashes can be just as flawless as your extensions.

Cherry Lash Lounge’s eyelash extensions won’t damage your natural lashes

Despite how delicious they make us look and feel, it’s easy for improperly applied or poor quality false eyelashes to damage our natural lashes. Each member of Cherry Lash Lounge’s Lash Squad is certified in proper eyelash extension application techniques and regularly monitored for quality control. More importantly, we use a lab-tested adhesive to secure your lashes via a safe and secure polypeptide bond. This adhesive dries soft, wears comfortably and allows your natural lashes to remain flexible and healthy. Book your appointment at our Las Vegas or Henderson locations for damage-free semi-permanent eyelash extensions!

#ProTip: How to Choose the Right Lash Artist for You

Lash extensions are an investment, considering the amount of time and talent it takes to make them look flawless. Conducting an online search for “eyelash extensions near me” and selecting the cheapest option may save you some time when searching for a lash lounge, but no bargain is worth experiencing itchy or infected eyes, irritation or shedding extensions. These are common byproducts of a faulty application technique or unsafe materials, which is why selecting a skilled lash artist is so important. So, what should you look for in a quality eyelash extensions service?lash-squad

Quality lash artists have strong technical skills

Eyelash extensions can make us look and feel #flawless, however there are some associated risks – especially if this service is performed poorly. Only entrust your eyes to professionals who are trained in proper protocol and held accountable to industry standards. Cherry Lash Lounge is committed to offering quality eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, and each member of our Lash Squad is state-licensed and regularly tested for quality assurance. You can enjoy our services while feeling comfortable and confident in our abilities!

Be prepared to invest in artistry

Quality eyelash extensions are definitely an expense. So, when evaluating a lash artist, don’t be afraid to request client photos. Weigh a lash artist’s pricing against the level of artistry you can expect to know whether his or her services are worth your investment. At Cherry Lash Lounge, our full-time eyelash extension pros vary in expertise. Lash Masters are advanced artists in high demand while Lash Artists offer quality that is fit for a celebrity. Our Lash Apprentices are devoted to improving speed and efficiency – offering full sets and fills at reduced prices.

Cleopatra_0007_Cuba 1 eye CROP

Cleopatra Lashes

Prioritize safety when considering an eyelash extensions professional

Select an artist that cares about your safety just as much as your beauty. Seek out licensed professionals who are trained in safe, hygienic application techniques. Our artists perform a complimentary consultation and lash test to screen for potential allergic reactions, as well as assess the health and capacity of your natural lashes before performing a service. We also hand-cluster each of our extensions according to how much weight your natural lashes can reasonably bear. Though your lash look is customized to suit your style and preferences, preserving the health and integrity of your natural lashes is our top priority.

before and after featherized ravishing lash extensions

Before and After Featherized Ravishing Last Extensions

Cherry Lash Lounge offers safe, designer-level eyelash extensions in Las Vegas

Do you find yourself asking, “Where can I find quality eyelash extensions near me?” Cherry Lash Lounge, a sexy-chic boutique offering premium eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, has the answers! Book your complimentary lash consultation at our Henderson or Las Vegas lounges today to meet our team of eyelash extension professionals.

Melt Hearts with these Valentine’s Day Lash Looks!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and love is in the air. Whether plans with your date are set or you’re anticipating a surprise, you’re probably thinking of ways to drive your special someone wild this year. Or, maybe you’ve booked a “Galentine’s Day” brunch and you’re looking to celebrate friendship in style.

Wherever your day takes you, Cherry Lash Lounge is here to help you level up your sexy with full, flirty eyelash extensions – just in time for February 14th!

Are you brainstorming beauty ideas for the big day? Consider these 3 lash looks.

Keep it simple and radiant with our Flirty lash set

Perfect for new clients, our Flirty set is a great option for people looking to treat themselves to something special this Valentine’s Day. Unlike faux eyelashes, which are applied by placing a strip along the lash line with adhesive, eyelash extensions are applied to each individual lash. Starting at $59, the Flirty set enhances nearly 50% of your natural lashes ­– giving you room to flaunt your natural beauty with a little extra oomph! Visit our lash lounge and give this set a try. Couple your long, dark lashes with a soft, neutral eye shadow, a little BB cream, a swipe of blush and a nude lip for a subtle and radiant natural look.


Serve up a sweet and sassy look with our Ravishing set

Try our most popular full set of eyelash extensions and see why our lash lounge clients rave about it! Starting at just $69, our Ravishing set works well for clients who are new to eyelash extensions and aren’t afraid to experiment. Our Lash Squad will customize the length, thickness, curl shape and color of your lashes to create a look that is uniquely yours. This set enhances about 70% of your natural lashes, creating a fuller look that brightens the eyes and is sure to melt hearts. Channel Cupid by complementing these sweet lashes with soft corals and pinks. A pink lip and white eye makeup will make you look hot and heavenly!

Be a full-blown bombshell with our Cleopatra set

Turn up the heat with the CLEOPATRA Featherize™ set! Cherry Lash Lounge’s “featherized” lash extensions are hand-crafted to each individual natural lash by applying 2 to 5 ultra fine lashes to one natural lash. Shut it down with this sexy, sultry look, which enhances your lashes by 90%. Starting at $199, this set takes fullness to the max, while still allowing you to apply mascara and curl your lashes. Pull out all the stops and unleash your inner bombshell by pairing this look with a full set of bottom lashes, as well. Apply a smoky eye or champagne lids and a crimson lip and you’ll be ready to paint the town red this Valentine’s Day.

Let Cherry Lash Lounge’s expert Lash Squad find the right lash look for you

Valentine’s Day presents the perfect opportunity for you to switch up your look and try eyelash extensions. Are you new to our lash lounge? Stop in for a complimentary consultation and lash test, where an artist can go over our different full sets, answer any questions and present a customized recommendation that suits your needs. We will also place a few lashes on each eye to test for any allergic reactions and ensure that we’re delivering the safest possible service.

Don’t wait to “wow” your sweetie this Valentine’s Day – book online to schedule your FREE consultation and lash test at our Las Vegas or Henderson lash lounge locations today!

Why Are My Lashes Falling Out?

Have you ever looked down at your shirt or pillowcase to find five or six stray lash extensions? As fun and flirty as professional eyelash extensions are, their impact is short-lived when applied or maintained improperly. Considering how much quality eyelash extensions cost, you want to make sure you’re getting the most wear and “wow!” out of them. If your extensions are falling out, here are a few things to consider.

Our natural eyelashes have a regular shedding cycle

Though we may not notice, our natural eyelashes have a regular shedding cycle of 1 to 4 lashes per day. Unlike faux eyelashes, professional eyelash extensions are applied to our individual lashes – meaning that they, too, can be subject to this cycle. For this reason, we advise clients to come in for a fill every three weeks as new lashes grow in.

Treat your new eyelash extensions with the utmost care

For the first 48 hours, be careful not to rub your eyes, scratch near your lash line or pull at your lashes. You also want to avoid direct water and steam. Steer clear of oil-based creams, lotions or eye makeup removers, as well as any oil-based or waterproof mascara, so as not to disturb the eyelash glue bonds. Professional eyelash extensions are known for their full, dramatic look – which should eliminate the need for an eyelash curler. However, if you would like to curl your new lashes, do not use a mechanical curler.

Invest in a top-notch, professional eyelash extensions service

Quality eyelash extensions cost! Though it may be tempting to explore low-cost options, you owe it to yourself and your health to seek professional eyelash extensions services. Before your eyelash extensions service, be sure to conduct your research on the technician’s training and methods, as well as the quality of materials he or she will use. Not content with lash extensions you received elsewhere? Our Lash Squad would love to help! Take advantage of Cherry Lash Lounge’s Plan B service, where we can remove or accentuate your current set for fuller, more stunning lashes.

Get safe and beautiful eyelash extensions at Cherry Lash Lounge!

At Cherry Lash Lounge, we like to say that professional eyelash extensions are a maintenance beauty treatment. It is important that clients understand how to care for eyelash extensions in order to extend the life of them. When cared for properly, your eyelash extensions can last as long as 60 to 90 days after application. However, if a lash should loosen or become dislodged, be sure to make an appointment with us to replace it.

You deserve to place your lashes in the care of a skilled and qualified technician within a professional, hygienic environment. Book your appointment at our Las Vegas or Henderson lounges today!