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Try These Red-Hot Summer Looks with Our Eyelash Extensions

Who says that maintaining a fierce look has to be a high-maintenance endeavor? a fierce look had to come at a high-maintenance level. This summer, forget rigid contouring and bold brows — it’s time to let your lashes shine with the help of some quality eyelash extensions! As a prime destination for the best eyelash extensions Las Vegas can offer, Cherry Lash Lounge presents some tips for adding a little sass and excitement to a sun-kissed face.
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4 Hacks for Safely Removing Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a great way to take any look to the next level, but removing them can be tricky. Strong adhesives and sensitive skin make your eyelids a dangerous place to play tug-of-war without knowing exactly what you’re doing. And, if your objective as a #girlboss is to keep it cute, balding lashes are a no-go. At Cherry Lash Lounge, we offer the best eyelash extensions in Las Vegas, so we know a thing or two about safe installation and removal.

Here are a few tips from the pros to help you remove your extensions with ease:
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Need a Lift? Try These Extension-Friendly Mascaras!

Keeping up with the latest beauty and wellness trends can be tricky, especially for those of us beauties who are ballin’ on a budget. As if finding quality products at an affordable price isn’t enough of a challenge, lash lovers must narrow their focus to products that play well with their lush and luxurious extensions. Mascara is, generally, not necessary as extensions add all the length and volume you need. Additionally, mascara remover can weaken the bonds that keep lashes in place and cause lashes to fall out sooner, shortening the lifespan of your look.

Are you new to eyelash weaving and looking to add to your makeup collection? These water-based mascaras will enhance your look without damaging your extensions.
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To Fill or Not to Fill? Our Lash Lounge Experts Have the Answer

So, you’ve been loving your new eyelash extensions. Compliments about their length and fullness make you feel like a total glam goddess, and a shorter makeup routine has really helped your morning mojo. However, it’s not uncommon to wake up to a few wisps on your pillow or to discover some gaps in your lush new lash line after a while. At Cherry Lash Lounge, we like to emphasize that eyelash extensions are a beauty maintenance service. Quality lashes can last for up to 60 days if you’re willing to commit to their upkeep.
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Choose Cherry Lash Lounge for the Best Eyelash Extensions in Las Vegas

Lush, sexy lashes aren’t just for celebrities. Cherry Lash Lounge, a prime destination for Las Vegas lash extensions, can help you step up your glam game with designer-quality lashes at an affordable cost. We’re skilled at creating customized looks that suit your style, budget and long-term lash goals.

Here are three reasons why you should choose Cherry Lash Lounge for your beauty needs:
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10 GIFs That Sum Up #ThatLashLife

As a premier provider of Las Vegas lash extensions, we’re all about #ThatLashLife! That said, we know the lash lifestyle is full of ups and downs – from finding the lash artist of your dreams to surviving between fills to shutting it down at a party with a fresh set. With years of collective experience in the lash game, our team at Cherry Lash Lounge has witnessed all the joys, frustrations and “OMG!” moments that come along with lash extensions.

Check out 10 GIFs we’ve found to sum up #ThatLashLife. Enjoy a laugh, share with your fellow #girlbosses and celebrate your sexy!

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Bring Out Your Inner Flower Child with these Coachella-Inspired Lash Looks!

If you’re a total #bossbabe, you probably scored Coachella tickets months ago! Taking place from April 14-16 and April 21-23, this music and arts festival draws hundreds of people to Indio, California every year. Featuring big-timers like Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Lorde and more, this year’s festival is sure to deliver musical magic. Not to mention, it’ll introduce boho-chic style trends we’ll be replicating for months!
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Create Your Own Lash Fantasy

With so many available options for eyelash extensions, it’s easy to get lash envy. If you’re new to this service, you’ve probably spent plenty of time browsing the eyelash extensions in before and after photos as you search for the best eyelash extensions technician near you. As fun as it is to imagine the possibilities and envy the most dramatic lash looks, it’s important to manage your expectations as a first-time client.

Cherry Lash Lounge presents three tips to help first-timers set realistic lash goals and get the most out of their lash lounge experience.
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Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your Natural Lashes?

Count on eyelash extensions to take your look from grim to glam. Semi-permanent eyelashes, applied by highly trained technicians, can enhance your natural beauty and help you turn heads like the bombshell you are! However, health should never come second to beauty. It is important to remain mindful of your natural lashes and commit to maintaining their strength and integrity in order to prevent damage.
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#ProTip: How to Choose the Right Lash Artist for You

Lash extensions are an investment, considering the amount of time and talent it takes to make them look flawless. Conducting an online search for “eyelash extensions near me” and selecting the cheapest option may save you some time when searching for a lash lounge, but no bargain is worth experiencing itchy or infected eyes, irritation or shedding extensions. These are common byproducts of a faulty application technique or unsafe materials, which is why selecting a skilled lash artist is so important. So, what should you look for in a quality eyelash extensions service?
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