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Cleopatra Featherize™ full set


Upgrade your cherry lashes to Featherize™ lashes! Instead of using 1 thicker lash extension to a natural lash, we’ll apply 2-5 micro-thin lash extensions wrapped around your natural lash, resulting in fuller lashes!

Beauty is in the eye with the LASHES!

Long, luxurious, and completely natural looking. Our synthetic lashes create the kind of gorgeousness that starts wars.

  • Look completely natural for out-of-this world beauty.
  • Saves you time and hassle while letting you look great day and night.
  • Helps you achieve lash fabulousness without clumpy mascara.

Looking in the mirror, you will be the fairest of them all with renewed youth and confidence. Eyelash extensions are the hottest new beauty trend. Once the go to beauty secret for A-list celebrities, they´re now available in Las Vegas and Salt Lake City, to transform you into a red carpet sensation.

Plus, our synthetic lashes are expertly applied by professionals. They will not damage your real lashes or cause discomfort.

Arm yourself with a power wink. Contact us for a consultation.

“We are highly trained & Advanced certified eyelash artists. Beware of Our Imitators! Many salons offering eyelash extensions can damage your natural lashes. We often repair lashes improperly applied elsewhere. We are Cherry Lash Lounge, and they are not.”

Semi-permanent synthetic eyelashes are attached one by one to your natural lashes and last up to 30 days! And your lash extensions from Cherry Lash Lounge will last forever with monthly “touch ups.”


“I heard Eyelash Extensions could damage my natural lashes…”

Disappointed with lashes elsewhere? Come see us and find out why our clients are so loyal!…

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Can I apply Cherry Lash Lounge to my own eyes?

No. If the person applying the lashes is not properly trained and qualified, they could possibly…

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How long do Cherry Lash Lounge last?

With our exclusively formulated adhesives, our eyelash extensions will stay on your natural lashes…

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Can I wear mascara with my Eyelashes?

Our eyelash extensions naturally darken your lashes. Your new lashes will already look thick…

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Can the Eyelashes be removed?

Yes, at any time and for any reason. They can be easily removed by a Cherry Lash Lounge…

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